Wake up with the sun, I imagine that this is when Artemis wakes up too. To go and hunt in the forest. Don’t worry about productivity today, you have no guilt, no shame. Shake the CSRB off your shoulders. (No Mark, no authority figures, no biggie on him, but you know how it is.)


Brett, we are going to do Academia your way today. What does a feminist Academia look like? Please make us a list. Is a list even (theoretically, conceptually) sufficient to hold the specter of a feminist Academia? What could ever suffice? A matrix? Find something to carry it. Describe it to me.


Bring your [Academia] outside. Bring your [Academia], bring your hands, and bring your strength; you’ll need ALL OF IT!


Go somewhere outside your apartment in Northwood, go, get going with your paper. Where do you want to sit? Find it and sit there [with the pine needles in the forest]. Look about you, what do you see? What do you smell? How green are the leaves, the needles on each and every tree? Are some more green than the others? How much of the bark on the trunk has fallen off, if any? How old are these trees? Be in this temporary forever. Because you are here, in the woods, now, nothing else has existed before or after this moment.


Shred your paper as you sit.  Slip a shred under your tongue. Drink a little gin and let some of the gin rest in your mouth with the paper. Juniper berries are used to flavor gin. Juniper is a berry from a tree from the cypress family which is associated with Artemis. Artemis was Apollo’s sister, never ever forget this, never, don’t forget it. If someone comes along and starts talking, quietly shoo them away, you’re busy, you’re a scientist with paper in your mouth, idle chit chat is not your friend.


With the rest of the paper, make sure it is shredded to the point that, if you scattered it upon the ground, it would blend right in; where eventually the EARTH and the fungi would take authority to break it down into whence it came. The earth is the ultimate authority with papers, anyways; more specifically, trees are, so it’s important to give credit where credit is due (that means credit to yourself, too!)


Late that same night, find the same spot you sat in earlier that day. Find that spot, sit there again. Has it changed? Can you find it? What does darkness inspire for you in the woods? Challenge yourself to sit there, in the dark, and close your eyes. Sans light, what do you see? (If it is not comfortable to do this outdoors, try it inside). Now write me a letter about FREEDOM aka RESPONSIBILITY from the point of view of a twig in your favorite forest. Stash it beneath the pine needles, where the stardust of your Academia rests, to bookmark this moment in space-time.