Wash a piece of deer antler, rinse it, slip it under your tongue and walk out the door. Deer are the symbolic animal of Artemis, and Artemis was Apollo’s sister, never ever forget this, never, don’t forget it ever. Drink a little gin outside and let some of the gin rest in your mouth with the antler. Juniper is a berry from a tree from the cypress family which is associated with Artemis. Artemis is the goddess of fertility and hunting—she gives, and she takes. (Which is which?) Go somewhere outside, go, get going with your antler and gin. Where do you want to sit? Find it and sit there. What is the best forest you have ever visited in this world? Be quiet while thinking about that forest. If someone comes along and starts talking, quietly shoo them away, you’re busy, you’re a scientist with an antler in your mouth, idle chit chat is not your friend. Be quiet, so quiet, let the very sounds of that Forest be hear in your bones. Now write me a letter about FREEDOM aka RESPONSIBILITY from the point of view of a twig in your favorite forest.