Kit you are free as can be today, you are inquisitive and sensitive, your body at its most connected point with your project…just about to come to an end after four years of work. What’s next? Nah, you don’t need to worry, you don’t worry what’s next. Where can you go? Are there magnets in your body? What’s going on in that head of yours? What microsystems are up there, in your brain?


Your phone is a little brain, full of microsystems—as you so rightly revealed to us. Maybe bust it open again. What do all those little blinking lights, green chips, red wires, what do they do? Where do they go?


Steal two of those microsystems from your phone. (I know, a little scandalous!) Look them up and down, get a good feel for them: what they do, how they’re built, where they come from, and how they got here from far, far away. Now go! Take your microsystems and get on your bike! You’ve got something to do…


Follow the path here! You ride with style today; graceful, elegant, erratic. Stop as you will when something catches your attention—whether that be some road debris, or architectural filigree. Stop and draw a microsystem you see at play before you. A leaf photosynthesizing…a pothole weathering withering away…the axle of a car as it drops into the pot…the phone number to call to retrieve your car if it gets towed.


If someone approaches you to ask what you are doing, feel free to tell them all about it! Press yourself to explain. You are a scientist, better yet, you are an engineer, idle chit chat is your friend today. However, this next step is VERY important: let them ask the questions. Let them drive the conversation, let them wash over you, be incredibly attentive to each sound wave. You are unstoppable in your attentiveness, look at how keyed in you are; look at you go, go, go.


After you TALK, TALK, TALK, relax back: let your mind wander. Drop out into the vast (maybe rude) space so distant from the discussion at hand. You are a scientist, better yet, you are an engineer, idle chit chat is not your friend. How far away can you go? GO! Go further! Farther! Cool as a cucumber. Tell us about your space travel afterwards.


Burst open with laughter, find some joy for yourself. You are so attentive and inquisitive, no need to be scrupulous today. You are full of scruples, and opals, and pennies and all those shiny things that trickle out in laughter. You drip with swagger, let that joy infect others…Here you are: bright, full, and ever expansive in your curiosity…


The exercise is complete when you believe it is complete.