Today the world meets you at your feet.


Sergio, you are a scientist; better yet, you are an engineer. You are busy, you are researching; idle chit chat is not your friend. You don’t have six hours in the day. Today, you don’t have time, you MAKE time. How does that go? You’re the scientist, figure it out!


Envision those six hours…what in the world could happen between now and then. When you are ready, imagine the future—the good future. Six hours from now. What have you accomplished, what have you got done? Nice work. Now go further; how does the good, productive future look like six months from now? Go further (forget about being productive, we know you will be productive.) What does your average day look like in the thirty-first century? How far will you go?


Beep beep, boop boop, click clack. Go back. Open an encyclopedia (Wikipedia counts). Open it and hit “Random Article,” and write down the first title that you see. What does that word make you think of? Write it down. What does that make you think of? Write it down. Continue in this way until you have a cloud of words.


Analyze your cloud. What do you notice? With whatever tool(s) necessary, observe the magnetism between the different points. Which are positively charged, which are negatively charged? Please draw out an imagined magnetic field between your words.


Here now, make a paper airplane from your polarized page. Where will you source your design? Have fun. This is your plane, your voyager; a little craft from inside you ready to travel outward.


Goodbye, goodbye as you launch the plane out of your window.


You’re ready now for your real task. Repeat the process above three times for each of Chile’s long-lost artifacts. Go find them, get going, go!