Let’s go out and get off the computer a bit; let’s be crazy, extraordinary, even rebellious! For now, put down the headset, mark yourself “away from keyboard,” we’re moving today. You are in a transitory space. Let’s return to a new place, then…


(Meet someone new today). (Go out of your way to interact with someone you haven’t before, or if that’s not possible, someone you haven’t interacted with in quite a while). (Ask them about the things they’re passionate about, and ask them how they interact with those, whether it’s doing them (writing), watching them (sports), collecting them (postage stamps). (Go out of your way to confess your passions to them, whatever those may be). (Go into detail about what you love outside of your work, be specific and precise as you would be in an email or paper).


(After that, go home as fast as you can!) (Spin about in your office chair, on your bed, spin about seven times to become dizzy). (Then put pen to paper, and whatever comes out are your feelings about the cool April days in the stands at the circuit in Shanghai). (It can be writing, drawing, crumpling up the paper, whatever needs to happen). (However you can, get your sentiments out onto a desk for the next step).


Package your feelings and send them to the address where your parents live. If that is not possible, send them to an old address of theirs, or an address of a close friend. Challenge yourself to let them know that this is who you are, no matter where you are, were, or will be. You are you, and that is that. Feel free to write positive messages there too, or to check up on them, but be sure to send your parents this.


(Ideally, this exercise will end when you have followed through with your feelings). (What do YOU want to do?). (What are your passions)? (Are they stateside, or are they in China?). (Now that you’ve confessed your passions to a stranger, confess them to YOURSELF!)